Monday, November 14, 2016

My thoughts on the recent POTUS election.

The main feeling I get from this election is that the majority of people thought they had two choices

  1. A lying politician whose bullshit they could see openly.
  2. A lying politician whose bullshit couldn't be seen and wouldn't be acknowledged.
Given the choice of these two items, the EC granted #1 the win. And for all of the desire for change and draining the swamp, the same rats (90%+) were sent back to the swamp.

Given the results I have a few hunches on what will happen in the next few years.
  • Rs will pass massively underfunded budgets and claim how awesome that they are since deficits and debt don't matter until there's a Democratic branch of government.
  • Rs will forget all about Presidential power abuses and not seek to re-constrain the executive branch powers
  • Rs will become victims of their own hubris and over-reach.
  • There will be a recession - we're overdue according to the Motley Fool podcast.
More thoughts later about what I'd like to see from an even vaguely functioning Congress.

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