Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ten years flew by

Average Jane posted about her ten nine years of blogging.  This inspired me to write my own blog and in a way internet retrospective. I'm fairly sure I started blogging way back in January/February of 2003.

When I started blogging it was mostly as an attempt to certify my web java skills.  I thought that if I set up my own webserver, with database backend, and hosting, that would get me the J2EE skills without the painful certification process.

The blog itself was running on a very old version of RedHat, using the brand new Apache 2.x as a front end, and Tomcat (4?) to server the dynamic content.  It was an amusing time in which I educated myself on a whole bunch of server-side tech.

I also became a father, twice.  My kids are now at the adorable stage, but they're getting big and soon they will stop looking to me as a cool funny dad, and start to question how I ever made it this far in life being as dumb as I am(sarcasm intended).

My predictions of bad consequences of the Iraq war and the Bush II administration seemed to have been born out by the past.  At this point, the modern GOP is a cesspool in love with its own stink.

Many of the people I started blogging with have either passed away, lost interest, or have just been posting rarely.  I'd like to give a huge link-fest to GoneMild, AverageJane, XO, WellHellMichelle, SoManyBooks..., and MySpyderWeb.  So many have gone to twitter, and yet you all still abide.

California is everything I had hoped it would be.  It is amazing, fruitful, and lovely.  My family prospers, and every day can end with a trip to the ocean.  We've yet to explore most of the state and yet there are still undiscovered wonders right outside our door.

I'll leave you with this:

Here is Ten Years After.