Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last night at dinner(cheesburgers on whole wheat buns, brown rice, & lima beans), Matthew, Janet, and I were discussing his choice of Halloween costumes. Matthew it seemed didn't want to be Sportacus anymore.

You may be able to tell how unhappy he was from those photos when he got the costume, which he asked for, last week.

So being a good dad and telling him that if you don't go as Sportacus you don't go, and if you don't go you don't get candy; he tells me that he will go and yes he will get candy anyway.

Janet jumps in at this point, since I was quickly becoming cranky, and says "That's enough attitude out of you Matthew."
To which Matthew replies: "I wasn't attituding you, I was attituding daddy."

My son isn't normally that assertive and that funny at the same time. Janet and I had to look away from each other to keep from laughing out loud.

He's still going as Sportacus.

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