Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yeah, what she said

From MaryScott on MyLeftwing - You f*ck you die.

I would like to issue my apologies to my wife and daughter that this tragedy has come to pass.

I would dearly love to question the death cultists in our midst. You may know them as right-to-lifers.

When I reference Huitzilopotchli, I know I'm talking about a death cult. The U.S. version of this however is far more disgusting. How much blood is enough for them? How many more children and women must be thrown upon their altar before the bloodlust of their god is slaked? Let me count the bloody toll:

  • Abortion - punishing women by death for not bearing children correctly followed by
  • No health insurance for 42,000,000+ children in the U.S. resulting in more deaths, those that survive can be convinced to be in
  • The Iraq war in which 3000+ soldiers have died but so many many more have been maimed permanently in the line of fire.

How much? How much blood is enough? How many more women, children, and young me have to die? Will your god never be satisfied? At lest Huitzilopotchli had the courage to show the obsidian knife. These cowards cloak themselves in lies.

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